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 My PAF Pictures

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PostSubject: My PAF Pictures   My PAF Pictures Icon_minitimeWed Dec 06, 2006 10:51 pm
Lolita Party
Blurry of Spence dancing...If you saw this walking around... it was Spence!!! If no one knew...
Another one!!! We love the Green Head!!! Spence Loves the Green head too!!! Sorry i have to type alot... i need to waste time to load more pics...
Spence and Sins planing the piano... It is the Head and the body...
TADA!!! Spence Did it... i remember this too... Spence was like that waiting for us to take a picture.... Good times!!
Spence as Kyo!! And there are more pictures... and yah i took alot of pictures of Spence... push Spence was doing picture things... Don't ask me what i'm typing...
I love this picture... Kyo at Burgur Kings with Kumagoro!! Good times!! But i love how the eye turned all weired...
Fan girl attack!! hahah I'm the Fan Girl!!
Spence and The kitty!!!

Spence Dancing... it is side ways thou

My Fave Phase for now!!
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My PAF Pictures
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