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This is for the Arizona Paralists!!
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Hiatus/disbandment Empty
PostSubject: Hiatus/disbandment   Hiatus/disbandment Icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2008 11:35 pm

Hello, Spence here, bringing you some news that many have not known what has been going on.

According to Nana, we've been disbanded, however, We've just been on a very long hiatus.

I believe the reason that we've disbanded, is because many of our members just don't have the time anymore for practice, plus, many have lost interest.
I think it was due to the fact tthat only the founders where the serious ones I suppose.

But any rate, it was a wondeful experience to be had.

We may still be around for panels and things, just our members have other things they wish to do and we respect that.

You shall be hearing from me more when it comes to the small para para crowd of Arizona
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